I don’t wanna be… a murderer..

As the day ends, all u wanna do is, drop flat on your bed and happily dream about your guy. But this never happens to me, not that i don’t have a guy to dream about or a bed to sleep. I stay in a PG, and i was lucky enough to snatch off the smallest but the neatest room. I din’t know neat n tidy comes with a price. Or in my case with double the price. Its a 3-people sharing room, and my roomies are 3-4 years older than me. And they are in IT. And they have boyfriends. Period.

as i said, my room is small, and so the 3 cots are crammed into the little space available, such that we are next to each other. Like  i-hear-when-the-person-on-the other-side-of-the-phone-talks near..

Every nite its a struggle for me to sleep, with the lights-on, while S talks on the phone, V skypes!!! She skypes when we are there.. She blushes, she fights, she cries, she does what-not, everything in front of me!! And  she talks LOUDLY!!!

(No, m not envying her… :-/ )

Its not like, i have to actually tell V,  in the middle of stupid ‘o’  clock that its disturbing me.  Its understood, right? Or do i have to actually spell it out? I do the occasional psssttt… but no… response.


And Saturday mornings are epic. V has a sister in Kuwait, and my sleepy saturday mornings are no more… Skype has ruined my life 😦 And sometime back, V went for yoga classes. She wakes up the entire world at 5 am, before walking out of the door. God took pity on me, and she stopped going for yoga.

At times like these, all i wanna do is, take a hammer and…… smash that phone.. or even better her. But i don’t wanna be a murderer.. 😦

why do people never understand this basic thing? Has Love made them sooo blind that they can’t even see their fellow roomie tossing and turning in bed coz of them?

Lucky me, heard few days back, that V is leaving *victory dance*


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