Review: How i braved Anu Aunty and co-founded a million dollar company


Ever since i saw this book on an online shopping website, i couldn’t stop marveling about the catchy title and thought to myself “yeah, he would make a hell of an entrepreneur..” A grab-me-quick kinda title…

And finally i had time to lay my hands on it (final yr projects 😦 ) last month. Very simple language, no difficult to understand business jargon… It was so much different from other Indian author books i’ve read. (They generally have a male protagonist from IIT, a long distance love, bollywood masala…) Varun is more namma kind of guy, and you can relate easily to him. I have no idea of becoming an entrepreneur, but i do know that this book would be a  fun read for those who aspire to be one. I don’t know about a venture capitalist, but Thanx to Varun, now i know 😛 Something else that was relatable was, of course, the great Anu Aunty, head of kitty party circuit… Every neighborhood has one, who pokes into your life, and decides on your behalf. (experience popping :D) The book is successful in capturing its prime target, the young ambitious 20-something crowd.

i loved

-Bargaining with the auto-wala

stalking his crush on FB

enthu cutlet

– “Varun, are you gay?”

– “call me a sissy, but i love my mom”

– Ahana ‘like’ Thapar

– “my heart was signed, sealed and delivered” ❤ ❤ ❤

My rating for this book would be 4 out of 5, coz its definitely an amazing first attempt at writing, and also for the tips Varun suggests, annnddddd coz its much better than other crappy fiction about IITians… I would not add that its a must-read for entrepreneurs, but it definitely would help in understanding how to establish your business in easy layman terms.


Any thoughts??!!

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