Getting all Super Serious :P

well… jus three days back i started this blog, with the intention of ranting and reviewing, thinking i had a whole 6 months before my training starts. But fortunately/unfortunately, it starts in June itself.. 😐

I’l no longer be a student 😛 (ok, i still gotta learn though, but they call us trainee nw  :-P)

I have to be super serious about things, i gotta be responsible (omg!!!) annndddd i’m going to earn!!! 😀

I always wanted to work (yup, thats true) and after 6 long years of studying, i finally get what i want… I was over the moon, when i got placed last September. Even though i’m from non-IT stream, back then, i didn’t actually care about it, thinking however hard the job is gonna be, i’l manage. But m starting to get uneasy now, whether i’l be able to survive in a field thats completely new to me. Me being a constant worrier, all this adds more to my angst. I’ve heard my room mate shouting on the phone to her team member, a newbie, about y she chose IT if she didn’t have a clue about it… me jus watched her and was like

Image I just hope i don’t get to be in such a situation. I have to be super serious about my work, never procrastinate, never nod to anything i don’t understand, and never keep quiet..

the last part wouldn’t be difficult for me, i guess 😀


Any thoughts??!!

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